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Oh man. I just noticed now that my DA Family is getting smaller after some of my DA Family members got the accounts deactivated. ;w; I don't know what's going on... but I need some new people in it.
  • Mood: Confused

So I've had a couple days to take my mind off... my friends were able to help me. Again.

I really didn't know what I was thinking when I felt hopeless there. I really just wanted to help Paris so much. I just want what I wanna try to help with matter. I just want to be able to help someone successfully. Because no matter what pretty much... I just won't stop caring. Caring IS good. Because if we didn't have Care in our lives, how would we be able to be good people?

The truth is... The things I say that are in any way negative about me... It's because I don't know my feelings well enough, because of my autism. Sometimes when I'm angry, I get steamed up. When I'm feeling the bit of bad about something, I feel doubtful of myself. I don't want to completely doubt myself. Another truth is I was more aggressive when I was a little younger. I don't remember a whole lot, but I do know I was like that on most games, and stuff. But I really am improving more and more. I just hope I can extinguish this flame inside of me for good.

I know the world sucks, but it isn't 100% full of evil. We all know there ARE good people helping if and when they are able to help. I wish I can do more myself. I'm just glad to have good friends. And do know I do NOT do this just for attention whatsoever. I really don't. I just want to say how I feel is all. I love my friends too much to do that.

So thanks to anyone who has supported me during my down time. <= ) Really glad you did.
  • Mood: Thanks
Hope everyone has a good Halloween, and that stuff like Slender Man, the FNAF Animatronics (any or all), or any terrifying things get you all in the dark of night. >=3
  • Mood: Cheerful
Hiya. I just want to say I'm going to update the DA Family pretty quick. Here's the list so far:

DA Family so far:

Mother: :iconbluethornwolf:


Brother-in-law: :iconmrsupersonic1671:

Brothers: :iconscarnic14: :iconroninhunt0987: :iconlightclash: :iconninjahedgehog20: :iconsurgecraft: :iconmrmaclicious:

Sisters: :iconallylunarmobian: :icondoubledee20: :iconana-the-angle123: :iconsoniclifetime: :iconbloodcoveredtears: :iconcmara::iconrozalindisgaea:

Cousins: :iconfireshot65: :iconskullbeaver: :icondeashaski:

Step Brothers:

Step Sisters:


Aunts: :iconlittlewolffang: :iconnightsandsonic:



If anyone that's not already in it wants to be in it, plz let me know. ;)
Hi everyone. Me again.

Just to say right now. I am not mad. I am not upset. Not sad, depressed, or anything. The day has been doing quite well actually. :) That is.. until I saw Markiplier's post on Facebook about something happening. He has given his deep thoughts about this event that happened a few days ago. What happened? Well...:…

The post is talking about an unfortunate tragedy of Daniel's death. Apparently there was a suicide attempt, and it damaged his brain beyond repair. But more importantly, this guy was part of this group Cyndago. After reading, I can see that they sound like an awesome group of people. But with Daniel's passing, Cyndago is now dead too. =( And I just... just feel bad, because I NEVER heard of any of these guys, Cyndago and Daniel, until today that I read it. Feel bad for Daniel, feel bad for Cyndago, and for all his family and friends that stood by Daniel when he died.

Now I would like to say that this kind of thing is what makes me feel terrible about people like them. And it's why I try helping some people back then when they had these thoughts. Because suicide DOES reap massive effects around everyone connected to the person. And it makes the value in the person that died doing it be wasted. This was why I get upset with some people, because I just hate to see them do this. v.v This is why I will NEVER, EVER do such a thing ever.

People like Gabby, Mark Foster, Sonar, even my own cousin had these thoughts. I thank the lord they didn't go through with it. I know deeply that I would feel very bad for one of my friends or family members dying... and WORSE if it's from suicide. I would be devastated, and I wouldn't want to do anything for a week. ;(

When I listened to the song 5OUL ON D!SPLAY by Daiki Kasho, first introduced from one of Super Klonoa's videos on Youtube, it is actually a very great song that can easily represent someone that brings out the best in their own souls, and as the title says, it even said "Life's too previous to waste". Know what? It's TRUE! Life's too short, so suicide means NOTHING! I mean sure, we all live 100 years, but who knows what can happen to each and every one of us. I was feeling nervous when the 21st of December, 2012 is on the eve, because people thought that'd be the end game for the world. But I overreacted, because the so-called "End of the World" problem went on for literally thousands of years. Even for over 10,000 years. And look at us. We're all here. It's only the end of the world if people attempt suicide, and does die from it there. As I just mentioned from the song, Life is just too precious to be wasted by any of us.

Every one of us has purpose in life. We have the power to make it the best if we be who we are, believe in ourselves, be proud of how God made us, and if we helped each other more, the world would and can still be a better place. I know I'm gonna make it more worth while when I can, because I have ideas for a few projects of mine, like Leyden the Wolf's story, my own alien race, heck, even roleplay stories I wanna attempt. :) I just wish that sometimes I would have the power to heal people. If I can just heal an enough number of people, I can feel more better. But I do know we can help if we have the willpower to do it.

I really wish I could've done something if I knew more of Cyndago before Sept. 16, cuz then I would be able to say a little more. All I can say is, if anyone that's read this and understands my wisdom, please please please don't ever think about committing suicide. If you have any pain or depression whatsoever, even if you don't feel it, please get help. Telling someone about it won't be the wrong thing to do. It can help your friends and family understand what's wrong, and in turn, want to help you however they can. They can help, but you have to have the willpower to allow them to help. You and your friends and family can help heal your hearts, and make it better. :)

Well, I guess that's all of it now. I really hope this is taken to heart. That's more than enough for me to know someone listens.

"Life's too precious to waste..."
  • Mood: Sympathy
Oh man. I just noticed now that my DA Family is getting smaller after some of my DA Family members got the accounts deactivated. ;w; I don't know what's going on... but I need some new people in it.
  • Mood: Confused


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